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Entries tagged “Start-ups”

Introduction to Series on the Lifecycle of a Pre-Sales Revenue Biotechnology Venture Destined for IPO Success

Insight Mark H. Mirkin Mark H. Mirkin · February 11, 2014
How common it is to hear groans and complaints in the startup sector of the U.S. life sciences industry about the extreme difficulty facing entrepreneurs who are trying to finance the launch, development and growth of a drug discovery venture. We hear that angel investors – both individuals and funds -- lack interest in investing because of

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Clean Tech Companies in Obama’s Administration

Insight Michael Moradzadeh Michael Moradzadeh · August 28, 2009

Clean Tech is generally considered to include multiple advanced technologies in four economic sectors: energy, waste, materials, and transportation. These technologies break down in categories such as energy generation and storage, water and wastewater, air and environment, etc. There is no clear-cut definition for a “Clean-Tech” Company, but as shown by its name, a clean-tech company should be a company equipping its core business with clean technology. As a related concept, Clean-tech Law contemplates a diverse set of legal issues related to the commercialization of clean technology, and the more traditional legal areas of clean technology law include intellectual property, patent law, licensing, litigation, and federal state legislative and regulatory issues.

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